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Opinion: Arizona’s vote ‘audit’ is based on ignorance and dishonesty Cyber Ninjas owner Doug Logan, left, talks about overseeing a 2020 election ballot audit ordered by the Republican-led Arizona Senate at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix on April 22. (Ross D. Franklin/AP) Last week, the contractors conducting the Republican Arizona Senate’s 2020 presidential vote “audit” teased their preliminary findings. The discrepancies they described sounded damning. Former president Donald Trump and his acolytes embraced them as proof of major voting problems in Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous. In fact , they illustrate that the Arizona Senate and its contractors have premised their audit on ignorance, dishonesty or, most likely, some toxic combination of the two. In that, they match Republicans throughout the country who are undermining faith in the nation’s system of government for partisan gain. “We have 74,243 mail-in ballots where there is no clear record of them being sent,” declared Doug Logan, the pro-Trump conspiracy theorist who heads Cyber Ninjas, the Florida firm with no apparent expertise in election auditing whom the Arizona Senate Republican majority hired to examine Maricopa’s ballots. Election experts immediately pointed out that this number represents the in-person early ballots that voters cast, which Maricopa County counts in its submitted ballot tally. Similarly, Mr. Logan’s claim that 11,326 people suddenly showed up on the voting rolls after Election Day reflects provisional voters, whose ballots only counted if they demonstrate after Election Day that they were eligible. Instead of publicly revealing any of these alleged discrepancies, Mr. Logan should have consulted someone with a rudimentary knowledge of election procedures. Nevertheless, Mr. Logan said that he might need to send inquisitors door-to-door asking people about their ballots, without explaining how households would be picked, a move the Justice Department previously warned might amount to voter intimidation. No one should seek to emulate this embarrassing spectacle, but Trump devotees in other swing states President Biden won, such as Georgia and Pennsylvania, are pushing to audit their ballot counts, too, despite the fact that intensive reviews have already found no reason to doubt the results. Pro-Trump activists in Georgia are suing to examine thousands of ballots with a high-powered microscope. They play up some 200 ballots that were initially double-counted in Atlanta’s Fulton County, despite the fact that there is no indication they ended up in the official results and that manual and machine recounts confirmed Mr. Biden’s victory. Again and again, the “evidence” behind Mr.


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Drones can help in this regard because it’s possible to pilot drones remotely—whether land, sea, or air-based—dangerous tasks can be handled by a machine instead. Today’s drones are incredibly capable, and they can be used to lift or carry items, capture photos or observe, engage with objects, and much more. In fact, many drones can be outfitted with modules or add-ons which significantly enhance their functionality. E-commerce giant Amazon is currently toying with the idea of using drones for product and parcel delivery. They’ve already begun trialing the services in select areas of the country. But what does this have to do with construction? The same applications can be used on project sites to move resources, whether you’re talking about equipment and tools or raw materials. Imagine a worker, tethered high up on a skybound structure, thousands of feet away from the ground. Getting new equipment and resources up that high can be extremely difficult and dangerous, at least the traditional way. Using a drone is much safer, more expedient, and certainly more cost-effective. You can easily strap a large net or satchel to the bottom of a drone to carry bulkier items. Multiple drones can be used in tandem if and when resources are too heavy for a single unit. They can even be used to suspend those resources in the air and within range of the worker if there is no surface to rest them on. If you wanted, you could even deliver them a pizza or lunch! Most importantly, it’s a remarkable way to transport materials, equipment, image source and all manner of resources to your workers when they need it most. While land and sea drones have limitations, air drones have a lot more freedom, especially on a modern job site. This can be a huge boon when working with tall or sweeping properties. For tall structures, drones have a near-limitless reach and can climb extremely high, provided they don’t extend beyond signal range. Even then, most commercial drones have an incredibly long range anyway, thanks to powerful technologies. Moreover, when they go out of range, the drones won’t crash — they’ll return to a ground-level safely.