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Mr Reid, who began a five-year contract in May 2019, and has become one of the country’s most recognisable faces during the pandemic, received €48,416 allowances on top of his salary. He has a benefit in kind of €19,141 to cover his company car, according to the HSE’s annual report. He is not a member of the HSE’s pension scheme and does not receive employer pension contributions. As a result, he receives a equivalent pension allowance. Mr Reid’s basic pay of €358,651 means his salary is higher than that of Taoiseach Micheál Martin who earns a €211,742 pensionable salary. Chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan earns more than €187,000 a year while deputy chief medical officer Ronan Glynn would be on a salary scale between €104,000 and €126,000. The report shows that the chairman of the HSE, Ciarán Devane, who lives in the UK where he is Director of the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations received a salary of €80,000 and €2,162 in expenses. Other board members, excluding the deputy chairwoman, Deirdre Madden receive €14,963 annually. The annual report revealed that in late 2020, HSE management was alerted to payroll irregularities within one of its own hospitals. The relevant hospital group conducted an initial investigation which found that certain payroll payments had been made that were fraudulent, resulting in the suspension of the hospital’s payroll officer and the commencement of a HR disciplinary process. “In accordance with HSE policy, the matter was also referred to An Garda Síochána in November 2020. The HSE’s internal audit division also conducted an independent audit in this hospital which has indicated significant weaknesses and deficiencies within the direct management of the hospital which had contributed to the payroll fraud.” Get ahead of the day with the morning headlines at 7.30am and Fionnán Sheahan's exclusive take on the day's news every afternoon, with our free daily newsletter. Separately, the report shows the number of people employed by the HSE whose income exceeded €410,000 last year nearly doubled compared to 2019. Twenty people earned more than €410,000 which included basic salary as well as top-ups, including allowances and overtime payments. One person earned between €640,001 and €650,000 in basic pay and top-ups. The report revealed that the HSE has made a bad debt provision of €42.5m following an order for hospital ventilators which did not arise or were not used. The ventilators were ordered as hospitals came under pressure from a rise in Covid-19 patients. Legal action on the issue has been started by the HSE. The Comptroller and Auditor General who investigated the matter said the HSE had to turn to suppliers it did not normally deal with because of the emergency, paying €81m to ten different companies to secure the ventilators The Comptroller said: “Two of the companies fulfilled the orders placed by the Executive, and another company delivered a small part of the order it had received. Subsequent to the deliveries, the Executive decided it would not be appropriate to deploy the machines that had been received. The outstanding orders were cancelled, and refunds were sought.


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